AirBender BYODBYOD or Bring Your Own Device allows employee owned devices on the corporate network and allowing those devices to access the corporate network and have access to privileged company information and applications. BYOD is also used to describe the same practice to students who use personally owned devices in education settings.

In this day of ubiquitous technology, employees and students want to have choices and use their own devices on the network. Whether it is a laptop, tablet or a smartphone, employees want to use the device that they chose, rather than a device that has been picked for them. The challenge of BYOD is that these devices are all different. They come with different operating systems, device settings, software, hardware and display units.

AirBender can deploy a system that can manage these devices through Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Network Access Control (NAC). AirBender has the expertise to provide your network with these features:

  • Auto Discovery
  • Multi Level Device Profiling
  • Flexible Onboarding
  • Context Based Policy Management
  • Guest Access Management
  • Total Security
  • No Additional IT Resources
  • Superior User Experience