About Our Company

AirBender is a premier provider of wireless and information technology network solutions.  AirBender is laser focused in the wireless communications market.  We provide solutions focused on implementation, security and management of wireless system infrastructures, Digital Surveillance, RFID Tracking, Unified Messaging and Digital Media Communication Solutions.  Airbender specializes in advanced infrastructure solutions from the demarcation point all the way through securing client devices.  As a proven, end-to-end wireless solutions provider in the wireless communications and IT domain, the Company evaluates, designs, implements, integrates, and maintains wireless solutions for clients in the government and private market sectors.   AirBender focuses on optimizing performance and maximizing security and flexibility while minimizing total cost of ownership for existing, evolving, and new wireless infrastructures.

The company has secured master service agreements with such vendors as T-Mobile, Cisco, ACS, Enterasys Networks and Softchoice. Current projects include Southern Polytechnic State University, Kennesaw State University, Georgia Military College, Transportation Security Administration, Cryolife, MEI Inc., Clayton County Municipality, and ADP.


The Most Creative Ideas

The best solutions come from the most creative ideas. AirBender Technology experts create solutions out of proven technologies that work. There is no room or time for systems that work halfway or don’t work at all. Systems need to work and provide an ROI for the business. AirBender always has the client in mind when developing a system that will work for your business.  We perform superior work for many clients in all types of fields, including but not limited to Healthcare, Education, State & Local Governments, Stadiums & Venues, and Warehousing & Logistics.

Our advantages

Develop Systems that Work!

AirBender provides systems that work for your business. No business should ever have a system that doesn’t fit the business’ specific needs.

Return On Investment

AirBender always has the business in mind for any project that we do. Systems have to have an ROI. Systems always have to return the investment.

Software and Hardware Agnostic

AirBender is certified in many different software and hardware applications. We don’t care who the manufacturer is. We care about the solution and making sure it works for our client.


Our Work Team

  • Todd Gray
    President / Chief Technology Officer