Mobile Device Management

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The time is long past for most businesses to adopt mobile device management (MDM). Yet, many organizations have no MDM strategy or services in place, leaving overworked IT managers to struggle with mundane tasks, like provisioning new smartphones, managing laptop issues, and dealing with new tablets. The absence of an MDM plan not only overtaxes precious IT resources, it also leaves sensitive business data vulnerable to theft.

AirBender provides a solution to manage all mobile devices from the same system. No matter where the device is or what it is connected to, we can allow you to manage that device. Benefits of AirBender MDM management system include:

  • Visibility into your devices for hardware and software inventory
  • Endpoint security compliance reporting
  • Network Access Control
  • Ability to distribute patches for the OS as well as distribute common application updates such as JAVA or Adobe Acrobat
  • Ability to distribute in-house created software packages¬†