Warehousing and Logistics

Depositphotos_7909286_sAirBender is a premier provider of enterprise-wide wireless and information technology network solutions.  As a proven, end-to-end wireless solutions provider in the wireless communications and IT domain, the Company evaluates, designs, implements, integrates, and maintains wireless solutions for enterprise-class clients in the government and private market sectors.  AirBender focuses on optimizing performance and maximizing security and flexibility while minimizing total cost of ownership for existing, evolving, and new wireless infrastructures.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) can be used for asset tracking and inventory.  Using RFID to track equipment and inventory will improve staff efficiency and workflow by reducing search times and wait times for ordered products, increase equipment utilization, and reduce shrinkage and loss.
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Utilizing RFID inventory can be tracked by individual products and their movement, increasing efficiency of order fulfillment and reducing product shrinkage and loss.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking can improve the tracking and reporting of critical assets to allow for less time in location of equipment, increasing equipment availability and improved security.
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DAS (distributed Antenna System)

AirBender can design and deploy an in-building cellular enhancement solution and private communication network to provide facility-wide coverage for all mobile operators with a single WiFi infrastructure
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