Stadiums and Venues

Seats in a stadiumAirBender is a premier provider of enterprise-wide wireless and information technology network solutions.  As a proven, end-to-end wireless solutions provider in the wireless communications and IT domain, the Company evaluates, designs, implements, integrates, and maintains wireless solutions for enterprise-class clients in the government and private market sectors.  AirBender focuses on optimizing performance and maximizing security and flexibility while minimizing total cost of ownership for existing, evolving, and new wireless infrastructures.  AirBender understands the business requirements that need to be solved and the impact of wireless technology on Stadium Operations as a whole.


Current trends in “smart” mobile devices, such as phones, laptops, and tablets are pressuring venues to change their views regarding fans bringing personal devices for use in the venue.  Securely onboarding a successful BYOD policy has been shown to increase fan experience and satisfaction.   AirBender can help ensure a smooth conversion to mobility in the stadium or venue.
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AirBender can deliver an analytics package that allows tracking and statistics that can be visualized by operators to develop more targeted advertising techniques and increase ROI from advertisers and visitors at POS interaction points.
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POS (Point of Sale)

AirBender can implement the best of POS systems to increase sales and improve fan experience.

Application Delivery

AirBender can develop and deploy custom Applications for the ultimate fan experience. Offers can be unique and services and content can be only available at the venue to increase customers and retain loyalty through applications, social media, and fantasy offers.