Depositphotos_6276703_sAirBender understands the unique situation and challenges facing healthcare organizations and has a plan to ease the transition into wireless advancements.  AirBender is a premier provider of wireless and information technology network solutions.  As a proven, end-to-end wireless solutions provider in the wireless communications and IT domain, the Company evaluates, designs, implements, integrates, and maintains wireless solutions for clients in the government and private market sectors.  AirBender focuses on optimizing performance and maximizing security and flexibility while minimizing total cost of ownership for existing, evolving, and new wireless infrastructures.

Security/HIPPA Compliance

AirBender mobile device management for Healthcare helps hospitals secure electronic protected healthcare information (EPHI), comply with HIPPA and other regulations, satisfy auditors, and reduce the cost of managing mobile devices.

DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

Healthcare workers are highly mobile and must be in constant communication with peers in order to provide the best care possible. Add to that the limited cellular coverage inside medical facilities and the proliferation of mobile devices throughout the campus.  AirBender can design and deploy an on campus cellular enhancement solution and private communication network to provide facility-wide coverage for all mobile operators with a single WiFi infrastructure.
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Current trends in “smart” mobile devices, such as phones, laptops, and tablets are pressuring companies to change their views regarding employees bringing personal devices for use in the workplace.  Securely onboarding a successful BYOD policy has been shown to increase employee productivity and satisfaction.   AirBender can help ensure a smooth conversion to mobility in the workplace.
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VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

VOIP is simply a protocol that enables voice calls to transverse a data connection.  AirBender provides the best available technologies to meet the communication and data connectivity needs of large complex secure environments.

Asset/Patient Tracking using RFID

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) can be used for asset tracking and the management of material and equipment, staff and patients. This is critical in order to operate an efficient organization that meets and exceeds compliance requirements.  Using RFID to track staff equipment, staff, and patients will improve staff efficiency and work flow by reducing search times and wait times for ordered equipment, increase equipment utilization, and reduce equipment shrinkage and loss. Improve security for staff and patients and improve efficiency of the workforce.
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