Distributed Antenna Systems


A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a way of boosting mobile broadband coverage and expanding a wireless network footprint by adding coverage and capacity in hard to reach areas, resulting in increased quality. A DAS network consists of many antennas tuned to precisely match the areas of a building or venue where boosted service is needed.

Remote antennas can be strategically placed throughout a building or outdoor locations such as light poles or utility poles to increase the network coverage in areas lacking coverage.

AirBender can implement a DAS system that is passive and carrier agnostic so coverage can be distributed for multiple networks simultaneously allowing a single system to address wireless needs. RF signals can be tailored to meet specific coverage and capacity needs. AirBender specializes in indoor and outdoor DAS solutions for the private and public sector across a variety of markets such as:

  • Densely populated urban areas
  • Colleges and universities
  • High-end, exclusive communities
  • Hotels, resorts, and convention centers
  • Venues, including stadiums, convention centers and theme parks
  • Hospitals and medical centers