Federal Government

Depositphotos_9054792_sAirBender is a premier provider of wireless and information technology network solutions.  As a proven, end-to-end wireless solutions provider in the wireless communications and IT domain, the Company evaluates, designs, implements, integrates, and maintains wireless solutions for clients in the government and private market sectors.  AirBender focuses on optimizing performance and maximizing security and flexibility while minimizing total cost of ownership for existing, evolving, and new wireless infrastructures.


Current trends in “smart” mobile devices, such as phones, laptops, and tablets are pressuring companies to change their views regarding employees bringing personal devices for use in the workplace.  Securely onboarding a successful BYOD policy has been shown to increase employee productivity and satisfaction.   AirBender can help ensure a smooth conversion to mobility in the workplace.
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Secure Communications

Secure Communications are required now due to the proliferation of smartphone technology with the ability to take and send pictures, be hacked, and talk anywhere. The sophistication of mobile devices increase security risk exponentially.
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AirBender provides strong encryption to protect data, authentication to validate users, policy to define user actions, WIPS/WIDS to eliminate threats, and comprehensive data collection for forensics and compliance.  NAC (Network Access Control) will be deployed to protect wired, wireless, and remote access networks from unauthenticated and non-compliant endpoints.

Mobile Device Management

Security protocols are of the utmost importance for protecting sensitive data.  AirBender will protect valuable data by ensuring that mobile devices accessing the network are securely managed.
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DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

AirBender can design and deploy an in-building cellular enhancement solution and private communication network to provide facility-wide coverage for all mobile operators with a single WiFi infrastructure.
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