Secure Communications

locked phone

Secure Communications are required now due to the proliferation of smartphone technology with the ability to take and send pictures, be hacked, and talk anywhere. The sophistication of mobile devices increase security risk exponentially.

Security risks arise due to an inadequate solution to prevent the entry of mobile devices into secure facilities. The use of various methods to locate these devices, including trained dogs, and random searches are not always available and or successful in locating these devices.

The use of cell phone jammers does exactly that – they jam everything, including the ability to make Emergency 911 calls (E-911) and the jamming signal typically bleeds outside of the facility, also effecting cell phone use within the surrounding areas and medical equipment using wireless technology

AirBender can effectively locate, control the use of, eavesdrop, record and or eliminate any illegal cell phone use within a facility.

The technology is currently deployed within the U.S. Military and certain Governmental Agencies to cloak the remote detonation of IED’s by terrorists via cell phones.

The technology consists of custom pieces of cellular networking equipment that have been designed specifically for military use, thus extremely robust.

The solution has been designed to integrate with all current commercial CDMA, CDMA2000, 3G, GSM, GPRS, LTE, HSPA, WCDMA and UMTS network equipment and systems.
WiMAX controls are also available through a wireless data sniffer & firewall network device.

The solution provides complete control of the environment including advance cell phone firewall, direction finding and covert operations, while ensuring E-911 operational functionality.