Video Surveillance

security cam

Business owners are faced with many challenges such as safety and security of their business and employees, among many other things. The average business loses 18% of their revenue to shrinkage, employee theft and non-productivity.

If you have a business and employees, you are probably losing in one of these areas and most likely all of them. Theft, shrinkage, and low productivity can be reduced with a well-designed security camera system.

Surveillance systems provide security and cover most town and city centers, public areas, car parking lots, and retail outlets. Surveillance systems use in parking lots reduce crime 51% on average. Public transportation areas see an average of 23% decrease in crime.

AirBender delivers a Cost Effective surveillance solution that provides:
  • Multi-Site Centralized Management
  • Extensive Camera Management
  • Universal Camera Support
  • Automated Event Management
  • Built for Convergence
  • Video Intelligence and Content Analytics
  • Event Management
Video Software Solutions have many options including:

Surveillance software

  • ┬áScalable for unlimited number of cameras
  • Unlimited number of servers at multiple sites
  • Instant Investigation during live monitoring
  • Support for hundreds of camera models
  • Centralized user rights management
  • Advanced video investigation tools
  • Video evidence export
  • Map navigation with active camera previews
  • Network storage archiving
  • Central recording server management