Todd Gray

President / Chief Technology Officer

Mr Gray’s passion for wireless communication started with his service in the U.S. Navy on board the USS America CV-66 aircraft carrier, providing technical support for plan-to-ship communications, radar and satellite, as well as the associated avionics for jet fighters. Mr. Gray completed his education while in the military in Virginia with a degree in Computer Information Systems. His résumé includes some of the most advanced wireless system designs and deployments in the world. He is particularly adept and experienced in designing complex wireless data networks including warehouse/logistics data collection, hospital patient care, wide area mobile network solutions, and location-based tracking systems including RFID. Mr. Gray is considered a leading expert in the Wireless LAN industry and is a sought-after speaker for a wide variety of industry conferences. He is a founding member of the International RFID Business Association.

Mr. Gray is a dynamic, visionary leader with over a 20-year record of success in leading edge Technology and Services Companies utilizing creativity, innovation, flexibility, focus and determination to achieve results. Strong management background in Sales, Service, Marketing and Outsourcing; leading people, creating positive change and capitalizing on opportunity.

Mr. Gray founded and was solely responsible for the development and execution of a multi-faceted organization focused on the Wireless Data, RFID and Voice over IP engineering and integration services business. Levering over 20 years of experience within the Data IT technology industry, business focus was developed with a customer centric business philosophy. Responsibilities included the development, training, certification and advanced technology initiatives to advance application development within the industry.

  • Built organization from conceptual phase to a viable business, with customers the world over with an unprecedented market presence in the wireless industry.
  • Developed and executed Strategic Business Plan with services focued in the wireless industry.
  • Designed and implemented all process control procedures, forecasting models, marketing plan, etc…
  • Defined geographical, vertical market and partner assignments across the industry that resulted in a pipeline of over $20,000,000 within 24 months.
  • Built Channel / Customer base to over 150 customers/Clients/Partners within 12 months.
  • Obtained Master Service Agreements with organizations such as Department of Defense, Motorola, Cisco, Bell South (AT&T), Verizon, Cincinnati Bell, Westcon, and numerous other organizations.
  • Generated revenues of over 30 million dollars since company inception.
  • Employed over 90 Full time employees, developed corporate Human Resources policies that included Health Insurance, Employee assistance Programs and 401K.
  • Development of various operational and sales metrics for company-wide distribution and review.

Prior to starting Integral Wireless Solution, Mr. Gray was one of the co-founders of NeTeam Corporation. His responsibilities included the development and execution of a National Professional Services Division within the organization. Mr. Gray developed and instituted all procedures, policies and standards for the organization and also developed account management / Project Management Division for the organization.

  • Responsible for creating and implementing the engineering department’s policies and procedures
  • Expanded field engineering department to over 30+ engineers, technical support and administrative staff.
  • Developed training program for Cisco Systems on the Aironet Acquisition. Built and executed national training rollout.
  • Developed a business model for use in the projecting time and cost associated with projected wireless sales and support opportunities.

Mr. Gray has spent 20+ years in the IT communications industry with organizations such as Symbol Technologies, Telxon Corporation and NetComm International. These companies were pioneers in the wireless communications industry and where he learned and perfected IT processes and field service methodology.